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MaxiRent represent long-term car rentals for a period over 12 months. Instead of car lease, Avis is offering you the possibility to use new or preowned vehicle under excellentconditions.

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To whom it is intended?

This service is primarily suitable for legal entities and individuals seeking mobility, cost planning, time savings and superior service. Many companies already implemented AvisMaxiRent service, because we managed to provide tailor made offers in accordance to their own specific needs.


If you choose AVIS MaxiRent service, you will not have any additional burden in the Credit bureau.Monthly rates are fixed and there are no unforeseen costs if you comply with the contractual provisions. We have a large selection of models at your disposal.


As part of Maxi Rent program, Avis takes complete care of the vehicle, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Vehicle financing
  • Scheduled and unplanned maintenance
  • Registration
  • Casco insurance
  • Tire replacement
  • Damage control
  • Replacement vehicle / pick -up and delivery service

To summarize – we take care about everything related to the vehicle, yours is only to focus to your own needs.

Why MaxiRent?

Due to excellent conditions and reduced risk, MaxiRent represents the future of vehicle utilization. We strongly believe that this type of rent will expand in the forthcoming period, as users are increasingly open to the idea of mobility when needed, rather than long-term bonding to one vehicle.

Enjoy the advantages of Avis Premium service!

Contact our MaxiRent program department for long-term car rental or fill the contact form bellow and schedule a meeting.

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Presentional example MAXI Rent

Mercedes Benz

B-class 180

  • Purchase price: 34.800 EUR
  • Deposit: 2.500 EUR
  • Rent duration: 48 months
  • Additional options: Road help, replacement vehicle
  • Monthly rent: 620 EUR

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